Dentures ( removable dental prosthesis )

At Aspire, we have a different meaning

  • Are you suffering from denture embarrassment ?
  • poorly fitting, unstable, un-retentive dentures ?
  • Or are they just loose ?
  • Have your dentures become uncomfortable, make your mouth sore ?
  • Do you struggle to eat and chew your food ?
  • Is the appearance of your dentures embarrassing ?
  • Do you think your dentures make you older than you actually are ?
  • Or is it just time for something better ? ( yes, denture upgrades )

Have you lost all confidence in your smile ?

Your smile can define you to others, its normally the first thing another persons gaze is drawn too, when they meet you. Without any words your mouth through expression can state wether you are happy or sad, angry or pleased and your teeth help to convey this.

Natural teeth are designed to bite and chew food, enabling you swallow and digest correctly, but thats not their only function. Your teeth support your lips and cheeks, and helps maintain the position of your lower jaw. Lose your teeth, and you lose these functions. Unable to eat the foods you want, looking older than you are, embarrassed to smile and lacking social confidence. Dentures can restore all of those functions. But poor dentures can make things worse, leading to more denture misery.


Did you know?

  • Dentures should be checked every two years, ideally replaced every 5 years (advisory)
  • Poor fitting dentures can cause damage of oral tissue and bone
  • Ill fitting Partial dentures could unnecessarily speed up other tooth loss
  • Over-worn dentures, can lead to jaw ache and headaches
  • Un-hygienic dentures could cause oral infections
  • Under chewed food, means your digestive system has to work harder, causing indigestion problems.


Why choose Aspire denture clinic 

Because we understand. We are empathetic and listen to you. We hear what your problems and concerns are. Advise you of everything we can do to assist, and explain from start to finish all the procedure stages. With the right advice and facts, you can make an informed decision. More importantly we work with you to regain your denture confidence.

Dentures should be created to look natural and suit your personality and appearance. Due to our professional approach in both our clinic and laboratory your dentures will be created with great care and critique. Each denture is meticulously constructed using expert technical skills in order to replicate natural tooth form and appearance. Using the latest technology, highest quality materials and continuous training in the latest techniques, our promise is to deliver dentures of the highest quality.

The appearance of your new smile is important, but we also aim to create functional and comfortable dentures. We will ensure that you are comfortable with the way you bite with your new dentures, enabling you to eat with optimum efficiency.


Dentures (Aspire meaning)

Dentures restore your confidence, improve your smile, letting others know you are happy. They allow you to choose the food, you want to eat. With our help and expertise, when YOU smile, the WORLD smiles back.

Thank you for choosing Aspire Denture Clinic to restore your smile.


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